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Dusty Leigh cross breeds “Boogie Nights” and Hip Hop for his new mixtape, “Boujee Nights” – @dustyonu

Boujee Nights

Dusty Leigh’s presents his latest mixtape titled “Boujee Nights” Dusty Leigh is far from your average rapper. He’s white, hails from Louisville, Kentucky and combines the hardcore element of Hip-Hop with the wittiness of Pop. The 24-year-old entertainer prefers to set trends instead of follow them, yet another reason he stands out in his state’s largest city. Dusty’s brand of …

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Rod Clemmons releases his new album and it’s title track, “What’s Up? It’s Me” – @clemmons_rod

There are certain types of people who let their setbacks and handicaps hold them back. Then there are those who aspire to achieve greatness, refusing to let those things dictate their demeanor. Louisville, Kentucky-based producer Rod Clemmons is the latter. Born blind, Rod refused to let that stop him from becoming the best at what he loves to do. Over …

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BST Gang drop their week 3 release with a remix to 21 Savage’s “7 Minute Freestyle” – @BST_Streetz

Louisville, Kentucky’s BST Gang returns for week 3 of their #278Tuesdays visual freestyle series. Today, the guys drop the video for their remix to 21 Savage’s infamous “7 Minute Freestyle”. The visual remixes are in preparation for the release of their single, “Cleveland” coming soon and the release of their forthcoming EP, “Corner Boyz”, dropping 2018.

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Dusty Leigh, Jellyroll & Alexander King drop some country rap with “Karma’s A” – @dustyonu

Hailing from Louisville, Dusty Leigh is far from your average rapper. By combining the hardcore element of hip-hop with the wittiness of pop, the Kentucky native transcends color lines and embraces creativity with an adventurous mix of funk, soul and rock grooves. This formula can be found on his latest release, “Karma’s A”, featuring Jellyroll & Alexander King.

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