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(New Music)-@DividaLoca “PSA”

Man Divida Loca might be one of the most talented and lyrical female emcee’s in the game. The fact she can flip her style up and deliver something different takes pure genius and dedication. “PSA” should be a track that everyone but especially women listen to and use the words as inspiration to reach for everything. Divida Loca is going …

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(New Music)-@Memory608 “Time”

Memory hits you with one of his new singles “Time” for the world to enjoy. Memory who is also known for producing and the other half of “Isodynamcs” is embarking on his own solo career. I see nothing but underground greatness for Memory. Time

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(New Video)-@CHAOS_NEWMONEY “Can’t Get Enuff”

When you here “GONE” only one name comes to mind and that is Chaos. Fresh from coming home he has done nothing but work, work, and work. You can see in this video “Can’t Get Enuff” that he has everything it will take to make a strong push into the industry. I would recommend checking this video out, and let …

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