Tommy Swisher hits us from left field with the dance fueled, pop friendly “HONEY” video – @HiTommySwisher

23 years old East St. Louis bred, LA resident Tommy Swisher continues to shatter barriers. His recent body of work, the Don Alfonso produced “HONEY”, finds the genre bending artist in a groovy, love filled vibe. His last single, “Fall for Me”, was produced by Grammy Award Winner Jim Jonsin and thus far reached over 500k streams on Spotify.

“HONEY” is a song for everyone. About a guy who realizes he is extremely taken back by a woman then offers to show her around the city. My homie Don Alfonso sent me the beat & I just couldn’t turn it off. I went to the studio & after I wrote the hook in about 15 minutes I just went in the booth & started going with my feelings on the verses. The entire process was on the spot and it just felt correct.

For the “HONEY” video I was dedicated to do something that I hadn’t seen in urban music videos or any music videos for that matter. The honey pouring was inspired by an art expo put together by Blake Little. I brought in my friend Quentin Faulkner to help with the creative aspect of the video & my friends Chris & Hunter executed the shooting very well. I’m so proud of how well it all came together.

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