Doubters and naysayers are the center of discussion on Tae Smooth’s latest release, “Payback”

Tae Smooth has an interesting story supporting him. From a young shy child, to his run-ins in the street to his active duty as an Operations Sergeant in the U.S. Army; Tae could share his life experiences for days if he chose to do so. He’s traveled the world to and fro. It’s during these trips that he became strongly influenced to pen his life saga thru music by a shopkeeper in Thailand. Never a character to falter in a tight situation or fold due to the odds, the North Carolina artist returns to dish out a little “Payback” to all his doubters from way back when.

Produced by Taz Taylor, “Payback” is the first official video to launch off of his recent body of work entitled “Smooth Way Out”. The thirteen track project speaks about that previously described life saga and discusses his connections to the streets and even his Afghanistan deployment. The video was shot out in Atlanta, Georgia and finds Tae frequenting colorful landscapes and mingling amongst the locals. Check out the video for “Payback” above and then tune into “Smooth Way Out” down below.

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