Catch Skywalker among the “Clouds” in his latest video – @skymeetsworld

It’s hard to be grounded when your sound is astounding. Skywalker has his head in the clouds and his roots firmly planted in Southeast San Diego where he has cut his teeth, both as a man and an artist. Skywalker’s sound, skills, and personality coupled with his Sky High label will ensure that he has the platform and the content to connect with listeners as he plays among the clouds and reaches for the stars.

Skywalker is a blend of the grittiness of the streets and the euphoria of the ether, and his music serves as a portal, fluidly transporting listeners back and forth between both. A true jedi on the mic, Skywalker can sing and rap, spitting raw lyricism, telling stories, and just playing around, and he can do so with a range of styles from Hip Hop’s Golden Era, to today’s radio ready cadences. With the force on his side and such a thorough skill set, Skywalker is merely steps into a journey that he sees traversing the mountain ahead of him and landing him on the red carpet.

While Skywalker sits alone in left field when compared to his contemporaries from Southeast SD, the space-bound stoner creates soundscapes that connect with everyone. His high-pitched register, high-inducing musings, tales of sexy escapades and laid back flow full of feel-good vibes serve as an escape for everyone, from those grindin’ on the block, to those in the high-rises overlooking the very same block, and everyone in between. It’s ironic that someone so content alone creates music that is able to bring everyone together.

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