(New Video)[email protected] GED 7249

Joey Aich is a twenty-two year old Hip Hop emcee born in Maple Heights, Ohio and raised in a small suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. His new video, “GED 7249”, pays homage to the nineties era where the focal point relied on flow and story development. Yet, he is not stuck in the past. He hops on a watery beat from Tristan Wells and peppers his flow with a hard-nosed, all-knowing personality.

When listening to Joey’s music one can simultaneously feel like they can sit down and have a real conversation with him, and feel like they are being enlightened. The intelligence of Joey’s persona has already caught the attention of multiple publications and fellow artists. He has performed with the likes of Asher Roth, Curren$y, Cal Scruby, Super Duper Kyle! and many others. He has even founded his own entertainment company by the name of Joey Aich Entertainment LLC. Having already garnered a significant amount of attention in the past couple of years, and with a highly anticipated project upcoming, Joey Aich will be on the radar for a very large community of music listeners in the coming years.

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