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1. Hey Kalibur, for those new to the name let the readers How did you get your start as an artist?

Waddup bruh! The name is KALIBUR, I’m a Rapper, Singer, Producer, Audio Engineer, and Film Director from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

I First Started Writing and Rapping when I was 12 Years Old. When I was 15 yrs old, I became Professionally Trained in Classical and Jazz Piano… this evolved into Composing and Producing my Own BEATS. When I turned 21 yrs old, I learned How to Engineer Audio, Mix and Master Sound in the Studio. I’m in my Mid-20’s now so, all that experience made my music sound more polished.

2. Congrats on winning a recent ‘Get Your Buzz Up’ event recognized for your talent?

It was a Breath of Fresh Air to Me. Its like You’ve been Swimming In an Ocean of Sharks for a Long Time and You Finally Reach the Top of the Water. That FIRST Gasp of Fresh Air is Always the BEST. It was a feeling of Relief. I’m very Thankful for J. Hatch and “Get Your Buzz Up” for presenting us with this Opportunity!

3. When you are on stage performing what can the fans them to remember?

My Stage show is Unpredictable… Full of Energy and “Crowd Participation.” I like to reach out and Touch my Fan Base…In my Opinion, the STAGE is the #1 way for an Artist to Sell a Record. Anybody can get in a Studio and Sound Good with All that Equipment… But a REAL Artist will Sound Good LIVE, Raw and Un-Cut.

4. Are your working on any current mixtapes? Videos? watch for.

I just released the Official Music Video for my single “ARCH DAT BACK” on Youtube! We’re getting A lot of Support from the LADIES on that Video! We JUST shot another Music Video in Miami for my Record called “LOVE to HATE” which will be Released Soon! …My current MixtapeAlbum is available NOW for Free Download on its called “FYF (F**k Yo Feelings) 2.0 the MixtapeAlbum”

5. Who are your musical influences?

I have Influences from A LOT of Different Places with Me being Both a Rapper, R&B Singer and a Producer… I draw Influences from JAY Z, LIL WAYNE, and T.I. on the |Rap Side|. USHER, MUSIQ SOULCHILD and JAMIE FOXX on the |Singing Side|. And TIMBALAND, DARKCHILD, and LIL JON on the |Producer Side|.

6. What project are you currently promoting?

FYF (F**k Yo Feelings) 2.0 the Mixtape Album! …Make Sure ya’ll DOWNLOAD that On !!!!! I created the Term “Mixtape-ALBUM” because it has All ORIGINAL Music Produced by ME, No Freestyles or Dj’s Screaming Over the Tracks.It has an “ALBUM” feel. But it is Technically a “Mixtape” because Its FREE for Promotional Use.

7. How are you trying to stand out as a new artist?

I dont just make MUSIC… I make MOVES! …I’m Also currently in Pre-Production for my First MOVIE which is based on a romantic Graphic Novel I wrote called “She’s SINGLE For a Reason” …the book is also under negotiations with several publishers. My Fashion Line, called “The FYF (F**k Yo Feelings) Clothing Collection has launched and is growing in success in the DMV. …In a few months I will be going BACK in the Studio to work on my next CD which is an ALL R&B vocalized MixtapeAlbum called “Eargasm.” NO AUTO-TUNE… I mean Real Singing… A lot of people didnt know that was ME singing on my Album. I’m about to show the World why they call me the “One Man Army” …there is more to KALIBUR than just being an “MC.” I feel like I’m in my own Lane, so its hard to compare me to MOST Artist.

8. Any last words for the readers?

Shoutouts to My Squad – TeamFYF, Blu Mercuri, & Street Grinders Entertainment! ..Also, J Hatch, Get Your Buzz Up,, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and DigiWaxx.
Make Sure ya’ll check out My MixtapeALBUM “FYF 2.0” on and Watch the “ARCH DAT BACK” Official Music Video on Youtube!

Also, Never let anyone tell you what you CAN’T do… usually the ones CLOSEST to you are the Ones who try to Hold you BACK. If this is what you were Meant to Do… DO IT and tell your Haters FYF (F**k Yo Feelings)

9. Where can we find you online?

Follow @WhoIsKALIBUR on Twitter …I try to Follow ALL My Supporters Back!
ADD me on Facebook!

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