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(New Audio)-Canstienn “The Lights Are Vibrating” Produced By @eddy_brav0

New music from St. Louis, Missouri artist Tuck Canstienn and Florida producer/rapper Eddy Bravo titled “The Lights Are Vibrating” When listening to the song’s production and chorus, you can quickly understand the concept behind the title (Hint: Psychedelics and Erb). This is what Canstienn had to say about the record. With Eddy Bravo’s wavy production and my uncanny flow on …

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(New Video)-@DXARECORDS “Ice’s Jazz”

“Ice’s Jazz” is a tune with a heavy jazz influence. It started out as an experiment and was originally destined for a different project but as it came together it started to take on a life of its own and found a perfect fit with the songs DXA was currently working on. The track is an instrumental composed of a …

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